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NYSE: HLT) today announced that all of its hotels in mainland China have officially resumed operations. Virginia - The Virginia-based Hilton Hotel has closed at least 150 hotels in China amid growing concerns about a novel coronavirus. More than 150 Hilton hotels across China have been closed amid fears the virus could spread to public places.

According to Business Insider, Hilton currently operates 225 hotels in Greater China, but the closure of 150 Hilton hotels has impacted two-thirds of the country's properties and is still a drop in the ocean compared to the company's global holdings. The number of hotel rooms in China held by Wyndham, the largest foreign operator, is only one-third of the Huazhu hotel and one-fifth of the Jin Jiang hotel, according to Hilton. Jin - Jiang, controlled by the local government of Shanghai, operates more hotels (think Marriott and Fairfield Inn) than any other hotel in mainland China.

The city was badly damaged during World War II, but some historic buildings survived various phases of reconstruction, including the Great Hall of the People's Republic of China and the National Museum of Chinese History. There are also a large number of restaurants and bars in the area, which are common in most Chinese cities. Compared to its sister city Chiang Mai, it seems more relaxed, down-to-earth. There is a lack of its own historical and cultural attractions, with only a handful of tourist attractions such as the Chinese Cultural Centre.

The old Hengyang Airport, Jinjialing Airport, is now only military and has regular flights to Guangzhou and Shenzhen. A new airport is being built in the city, Jin Jiaotong Airport, but it will not pass to HenGyang, making it unlikely to be completed by the time it is completed.

In late January, Marriott, one of Hilton's main competitors, announced it would waive change fees for traveler reservations in China. American, Delta and United have all canceled flights to and from Hengyang. To accommodate guests "concerns, Hilton has introduced a responsive cancellation policy for guests, which has been updated five times as the situation evolves. Hilton will adjust its policies and practices to meet the needs of guests, owners and the community as a whole over time.

For guests who want a contactless arrival experience, Hilton has doubled its award-winning Digital Key technology. Hilton will further expand its digital key capabilities for all major door access points throughout the hotel, doubling Hilton's award-winning digital key technology for the first time in its history. Disinfection in the fitness studios of the hotel and compliance with the physical distance requirements of the guests.

Additional security was provided by sealing all doors to signal to guests that their room must be thoroughly cleaned before they can enter. In the food safety field, Hilton has introduced a new technology to track hotel cuisine, focusing on guest safety and the food and beverage supply chain.

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In this area there are a number of shopping centers, restaurants, hotels and other shopping facilities. Other shopping facilities include a shopping centre, restaurant and hotel, as well as a café, restaurant and hotel.

Chris Nassetta, Hilton's president and CEO, said, "We do everything we can to look after our family, and this is a great example of how our team works together to support our community and each other. We will continue to strengthen our efforts to provide security and security to our guests when they stay at one of the 255 Hilton hotels in the region, "Hilton said. If you want to learn more about Hunan cuisine in Hengyang and its delicious food, you will know that it is one of the eight cuisines in China and that you have the opportunity to taste it as much as you like.

At the community level, Hilton is continuously taking steps to support heroes on the front line of the fight against COVID-19 in Greater China.

While medical teams from across China were flown to the epicenter in Wuhan to support local hospitals, three Hilton hotels in Hubei Province provided clean and comfortable rooms for doctors to work in and around. In addition to returning guests to Hilton hospitality, hotels have taken strict measures to combat epidemics to ensure the health and safety of guests and team members. Hilton is working closely with local governments, hospitals, and health care providers in China to respond to the challenges posed by the epidemic. As part of that effort, four Hilton hotels were attended to by a medical team returning to their hometown to finish their deployment while another front-line staff member performed his duties outside of WOHUAN, according to a news release.

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More About Hengyang